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Brief History of the Liberian National Union

The Liberian National Union was established by the late Dr. Harry Fumba Moniba, former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia in 1996.

The Liberian National Union is an outshoot of the Liberian Youth to Elect Moniba (LIYEM), a Youth movement established to promote his political interest and ideologies. Dr.Harry F. Moniba served the National Democratic Party of Liberia as it vice Standard Bearer from 1986-1990 when the government was removed from power as a result of a violent civil war. Following the cessation of the civil war and the commencement of political activities for the preparation of returning Liberia to democratic rule, Dr Moniba and others returned to Liberia for political business.

However, it was soon realized by Dr. Moniba that some of his colleagues who believe in his leadership after the assassination of President Samuel Kanyon Doe by one of the warring factions in 1990. Due to the incompatibility in terms of respecting the rule of law left Dr. Moniba with no option, but to rally like minds for the establishment of an alternative democratic institution whose ideologies and philosophy would be the rule of law.

Before the formation of LINU, Dr. Moniba and other youth met and established the Liberian Youth to Elect Moniba (LIYEM) in 1994. Since he was more passionate about the youth populace who had the ego of becoming Politician to take over the mantle of leadership from the older generation of politicians; He was privileged to have gotten some brilliant young men from the youth community to work with him.

Based on a broad base appeal he started off with few individuals drawn from all segments of the youth population of Liberia. Those who founded the initial membership were Joseph N. Morlu, Jonathan K. Weedor, Semeh Roberts, Jaylee Quaye, Aaron S. M. Wesseh, J. Jerome Slojue, Joseph Yengbe, Edward Sumo Mendscole, Edward J. Soko, Freeman Nyandiblo and many others.

LIYEM started work and soon became very well known in Montserrado County and its environs. LIYEM then give birth to the Liberian National Union in 1997. Some of its founding fathers were Dr. Harry Fumba Moniba (deceased) Mrs. Menita Moniba, Jonathan K. Weedor, Semeh Roberts, Joseph N Morlu, Aaron S. M. Wesseh, James Dorbor Jallah, Edward Sumo Mendscole, Dr. Fredrick S Gbegbe, Mrs. Mildred Gbegbe, Dr. James Kollie, John D. Lasanah(deceased), Josephus S Banks, Professor Alan A Yama(Deceased) Joseph Yengbe(Deceased) Boakai Yama (Deceased) Paul M. Moniba, Freeman Nyandiblo, Morris Kamara, Claudius Sesay,(Diceased), Elder Fofie Konneh,(Deceased) Elder Musa Kanneh,(Deceased), Victor B Momoh, John Bonah, and many others.

The Liberian National Union got certificated as a political party on April 11, 1997 by the Elections Commission (ECOM).

The emblem / seal of the Liberian National Union is made of red, white and blue colors embedded with a rising sun, a dove, a bundle of fifteen sticks tied together and a green field with shoot of new plants, was originally design and drawn by Paul M. Monibah with advise and consent of the late Dr. Harry Fumbah Moniba. These features displayed on the emblem represents the below:

The Rising Sun- represents the dawn of a new day in Liberia

The Dove-represents peace and tranquility in Liberia

Bundle of 15 sticks tied together-represents the (15) fifteen political sub-divisions of the Republic of Liberia bound together in unity, love and strength

Green Field- represents the fertility of the agricultural land of Liberia

Red stripe- represents the bravery of the Liberian people

Blue stripe- represents love for humanity

White stripe- represents purity of heart for mankind

The ideology/ philosophy of the Liberian national Union (LINU) is the Center-Right Democratic Party and it focus on the tolerable middle, rather than the extreme right or left, based on the belief that democracy is a system that emphasizes the dignity and freedom of man, small and efficient government, large and vibrant private sector, termination of the imperial presidency through the decentralization of political power are fundamental of a Center-Right democratic ideology


The main aims and objectives of the Liberian National Union (LINU) are as follow:
* To maintain the party as an institution, open to all Liberians of voting age in accordance with its bye laws and the constitution of Liberia;
* To acquire state power through the democratic process and institute the tenants of democracy, good governance, the rule of law, accountability etc;
* To promote a united, peaceful, stable and democratic Liberian state with a sense of patriotic consciousness and opportunities for political, social economic, cultural, moral and spiritual advancement of our society, for ourselves and our prosperity.
* To serve as a forum where all members, irrespective of age, socio – economic status, religious affiliation, ethnic background or county of origin can freely join and deliberate on issues that affect their personal and collective wellbeing and those of their fellow country – men, and to provide a medium for the partisans and the Liberia people to select or elect for their own good of their common patrimony those individual who will guide and lead them in the conduct of national and local affairs
* To foster the dignity of labor among the Liberian people and promote the free enterprise system by emphasizing the private sector as a means of developing a viable economy and by establishing a functional government with the view of improving efficiency and increasing productivity;
* To foster justice and the rule of law and uphold human dignity and the dignity of the Liberian state.
* To identify and protect at all times Liberia’s irreducible national interests;
* To uphold, support, protect and defend the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Liberia in their entirety.

Party’s Conventions and National Elections
Following the certification of the Liberian national union on April 11, 1997, the party held its first national convention at it National Headquarter on 16th street Gibson Avenue Sinkor in Monrovia on June 5, 1997. The June 5th, 1997 national convention elected its first corps of officers. Those elected were;
1. Dr. Harry Fumba Moniba Standard Bearer
2. Hon. Thomas Q. Harris Vice Standard Bearer
3. Jonathan K. Weedor National Chairman
4. Semeh Roberts Vice Chairman
5. Aaron s.M. Wesseh National Secretary General
6. Josephus S. Banks National Treasurer
7. Emmanuel David National Chaplain

LINU contested the 1997 special presidential Elections in Liberia. Dr. Harry F. Moniba and Hon. Thomas Q. Harris were the party’s flag bearers.

In 2005, the party held its second national convention in the city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County from May19-20, 2005. That convention elected the following leaders and candidate of the party to head the party up to the Third National Convention and a candidate contest the 2005 elections for the seat of Senator in Lofa County:
1. John Sembay Morlu Standard Bearer
2. Aaron S.M. Wesseh National Chairman
3. J. Jerome Slojue Vice Chairman
4. Jerome B. Joss National Secretary General
5. Mildred Gbgbee National Treasurer
6. Aletha M. Sangai National Chaplain

Therefore, during this convention delegates elected Dr. Fredrick S. Gbegbe as candidate to contest the seat of Senate in Lofa County.

After that convenction, LINU went into its first alliance with the following parties; to include LEAD, and RAP under the name of the United Democratic Alliance(UDA) with John Sembay Morlu emerging as president and chose Omaxline Demen as his vice running mate to contest that election.

In June 2010, the party held its Third National Convention in the city of Tubmanburg, Bomi County with an elections committee that was constituted by the executive committee and that committee was chaired by Amos Kawala sambay. That convention elected the following leaders of the party to head the party.

1. Aaron S.M. Wesseh National Chairman
2. J. Jerome Slojue Vice Chairman for Administration
3. Jerome Billy Joss National Secretary General
4. Prince W. Kieh Vice Chairman for Political Affairs
5. Varfley A. Massaley Vice Chairman for mobilization
6. T. Sylvester Weah Assistant Secretary
7. Richard F. Jallah Financial Secretary
8. Grace W. Biah National Treasurer
9. Aletha M. Sangai National Chaplain

During that convention, it was unanimously adopted that the next convention be held in the city of Voinjama, Lofa County for 2017. The convention also decided not to field a presidential candidate but rather collaborated with the Unity Party which was also adopted.

In 2014, the Liberian National Union contested the mid-term Senatoral elections. After that process, the National and Executive committee adopted a resolution and confers on Honorable Nathaniel T. Blama, Sr the title of Political Leader pending its Fourth National convention.

During the years in review, the party has achieved and made numerous gains nationally and internationally by the fact that its first partisan was one who advocated and pleaded with ECOWAS, the United Nations, United States Government, and other friendly governments to come to the rescue of Liberia from carnage, mayhem, and total destructions. This was a move that give rise to the coming in of peace keepers into the country to enhance the work of humanitarian activities.

The Liberian National Union took the lead to save the nation from wastage of Millions of dollars when it challenged the results of the national referendum conducted by the National Elections Commissions on preposition three concerning the provisions of the Absolute majority for members of the National Legislature. It challenged the result of the preposition that allowed simple majority at the supreme court of Liberia.